Meet Dr. Ruth:

Acupuncture and oriental medicine physician.

     Ruth received her Bachelor’s Degree of Professional Health Studies and her Master’s Degree of Oriental Medicine through the College of Integrative Medicine which offers a unique  program that integrates the teaching of Oriental Medicine with the teaching of Western Medicine sciences.

     The purpose of this is to produce a knowledge base that is appropriate for the practice of Oriental medicine in a society where Western Healthcare predominates. As more patients seek out alternative medical solutions for acute, chronic, and life threatening illnesses relief from complementary

cancer treatment, muscular skeletal injuries, arthritis, depression, chronic pain, exhaustion, colds and much more, they are finding results in Oriental medicine. Patients are finding solutions that can be implemented into their own lives and therapies which are enhancing their healing. Patients are also finding treatments that assist with the physical and mental recovery, as well as practices that address the balance of mind, body and spirit.


Advance Clinical Training. (China)