A patient with shortness of breath, palpitations, bloated, insomnia, dry mouth, restlessness, forgetful and worried about not have enough air to breath.  No history of Pulmonary, Heart or Digestive problems. The patient is coached emotionally for fear of not breathing when goes to sleep. When coaching the patient’s emotions, a childhood stucked emotion experience was found. “Patient did not rembered this.” This patient has lived with fear of not having enough air to breath.

This emotion is now resolved and the patient is  peacefully sleeping, palpitations are no longer felt, and the chest tightness has loosen up.

I totally believe that a big percentage of our conditions start in our subconscious mind. When we resolve past issues, our healing is faster and our health regains balance.


Ease the mind, soothe the liver qi for digestion, bloating. Tonify lung qi for better breathing, dryness and sadness,  Open the chest (needle in the sternum to expand/relax thoracic cavity) for better breathing, generates overall energy and calms the heart channel. Tonify kindneys for vital energy.

Consented by the patient.

Other testimonials:

I came to Dr. Ruth Diez to treat Ulcerative Colitis and Anxiety.  I’d been diagnosed with U.C. two years prior and the medications weren’t helping. My anxiety was burning through the roof. I barely left my house without having several panic attacks which led to me having a very unhealthy social life and lack of involvement with my peers in after school activities.  It was in July of 2016 that I began acupuncture treatments with Dr. Ruth Diez.  Within the first 3 months, my U.C. symptoms had reduced and so had my anxiety.  I was able to begin living a normal high school life. Within 6 months, I had only had one minor flair up and learned to control my anxiety. Panic attacks are a thing of the past, I’ve become more involved in school, before I had been in 0 clubs and 0 programs.  After treatments I felt well enough to join my school’s Garden, Asian Student Association, Spanish Club, American Sign Language, National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society. Through these clubs, I participated in my school’s talent show, developed new friendships, and expanded my school circle. This is in part of regaining los confidence that Anxiety and U.C. had taken away from me. I can say with confidence that I have entered remission for both conditions and I have Dr. Ruth Diez to thank.

                                                E. L. 15 y/o

When I first began Acupuncture with Dr. Ruth Diez I was a sluggish, premenopausal, unhappy, overweight, stressed-out individual who did not fully believe in Eastern Medicine but was willing to try something new it would help.  Now I am a true believer in it and am so thankful that God brought Dr. Ruth Diez into my life and all the wonderful things she has done for me.

Words are unable to express how she and Acupuncture have helped me. 

I now have more energy than I have since in my twenties.  I am more spiritually grounded and happier than I think I have ever been.  My loved ones have noticed the change and all I can say is it is mainly due to what I have experienced through Dr. Ruth Diez.  I physically feel better as we work on different areas each session and now feel I am able to conquer whatever lies ahead.  Thany you is not enough but all I can give.  Love, love, love you!!!

A.B. 45 y/o True Believer.

Ruth.  We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done.  You gave me the confidence that I needed in a time that all I wanted to do is to give up.  Thank you for giving me the courage to prove to myself that I am stronger than I thought  possible.  Your gift is amazing and it changes people.  I will never forget this experience !!.  Love, D,T, A, E.  Thank You.

D. T. I. A. (family members)